Meet Katerina Bucciarelli

The Visionary Behind Innovatio Realty Group

  • As the CEO and Founder of Innovatio Realty Group, a boutique real estate firm with a mission to empower individuals on their journey to property ownership. Whether it’s finding a dream home, securing a second residence, or diving into real estate investments, Katerina and her team guide you through every step. Katerina’s focus is on dreams realized. For budding investors passionate about development, there’s a unique opportunity to turn visions into reality through strategic partnerships and crafting distinctive spec homes. However, the commitment doesn’t end there. Katerina and her team pride themselves on the meticulous attention to detail brought to every property, enhancing its appeal and maximizing its market potential. With a keen eye for design and staging expertise, they ensure that each space is curated to perfection, captivating buyers and ensuring swift sales. Property revitalization is also a forte. Innovative strategies are employed to unlock the full potential of every investment, providing comprehensive services from conception to completion. The goal is simple: to deliver unparalleled success and satisfaction to valued clients at every stage of their real estate journey. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Katerina is deeply committed to empowering others through education and mentorship. With her dedication to helping others succeed, she actively participates in seminars and workshops, sharing her knowledge and experiences to inspire the next generation of real estate professionals. This commitment has earned her the admiration and respect of her peers, solidifying her legacy as a guiding light in the industry.

Early on

Born with a natural curiosity & passion for design and construction, Katerina pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering graduating with top honors from a leading University. In a world where passion and purpose often collide, Katerina emerged as a shining example of finding one’s true calling; while working as a civil engineer, she felt an undeniable yearning to explore the world of real estate. Determined to follow her intuition, she enrolled in the prestigious New York University (NYU), where she pursued further education in Development Process and Finance Real Estate. This transformative experience deepened her understanding of the industry and sparked a newfound passion that would shape her future.


Fueled by her passion and armed with invaluable knowledge, she took a leap of faith and founded her own brokerage company: Innovatio Realty Group. Going beyond the traditional role of a real estate broker, she possesses a visionary mindset and expertise in transforming spaces. With her rare gift, she breathes life into properties, capturing their essence and turning them into captivating showcases. Collaborating with industry experts, from talented designers to skilled architects and construction professionals, she has built an unparalleled network of visionaries who share her commitment to excellence. This allows her to offer clients access to trusted professionals capable of bringing their renovation or new construction dreams to life.